19 Jul 2016


How to achieve optimal asset performance in a time of crisis

During the maintenance services hiring processes that we have participated in, clients with well-preserved facilities seek solutions that can keep low-cost results. In this event, we should analyze historical incident data, introduce system technology management and develop an adequate management plan for each project. On the other hand, there are processes where the clients’ facilities need renovation investments, because the asset has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance management. In such cases, a detailed study about the condition of each system should be performed identifying all the non-conformities, estimating the cost of all measures, and developing an investment plan so that the corrective measures may be gradually reduced and replaced by preventive and predictive measures. Without such planning, it will be difficult to ensure availability of facilities and quality services. Establishing an adequate maintenance plan for each project is essential for an efficient service.


Interview given by Engepred Technical Director Paulo Cezar to Revista Infra – 2016.