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Established in 1986, Engepred combines tradition and innovation while implementing integrated solutions in the areas of real estate consultancy, facilities, condominium management, building maintenance and engineering services.

With speed and efficiency, its highly qualified professional team meets the most different demands from commercial buildings and corporate structures, always focusing on people’s security, comfort and privacy.

Experience, knowledge and commitment associated to innovation ensure company competitiveness and provide utmost satisfaction to its clients, whether they are investors, property owners, occupants or tenants.


Building well-being.

To develop innovative solutions and efficient processes generating value, security and comfort to our clients and to people who use their environments.

To be recognized for providing integrated solutions to its clients, offering safe and productive environments.

Integrity – To relate in an ethical, honest and transparent manner with clients, staff and partners in all organizational levels.
Respect – To respect diversity, differences and people with social and environmental awareness and responsibility.
Team player – To know how to work in groups, sharing ideas and suggestions to find efficient and creative ideas.
People well-being – Continuously caring for the comfort and security of clients and staff, as well as ensuring quality in the workplace.
Innovation – To ally experience and continuous improvement and to seek innovations to maximize service and process quality.
Operational efficiency – To work fast and efficiently to achieve maximum quality and minimum cost in order to offer productivity and profitability to the business and to their clients.

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